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Warning: Is Social Media Damaging Our Social Lives?

Recently I was at a family gathering – me, my sister, my mother, my father, and my fifteen-year-old cousin. All of us have smartphones. We chatted and ate our lunch together, but eating and conversation was interspersed with checking Twitter, Facebook and emails. My father replied to a work question in between bites of trifle; my [...]

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How to survive 24 hours without Social Media

I am not a smoker and I rarely drink. I don’t do drugs and I once gave up meat for seven years, ‘just because’. What I’m trying to say is that I do not have an addictive personality. I can take things or leave them.

So this is my big experiment. Can I give up social media, remain happy and continue to do my job and without missing it, even slightly, for 24 hours?

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‘Have #fun and #ENGAGE’: Interview with Ed Jefferson, the figure behind @shippamspaste

18 months ago, an almost-forgotten brand surfaced on Twitter with what seemed to be an inept intern at the helm, making a brave stab at the old social media. The reaction was amusement – and confusion. Was it real? Was it a joke? Either way, followers flocked to the account, intrigued by the tweets (covering [...]

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Marketing to SMEs: 20 must-follow Twitter accounts

Now that you know how to talk to SMEs on Twitter, here’s a list of our top Twitter accounts relevant to SMEs.

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How SMEs use Twitter

We waded into the depths of poorly-targeted SME Marketing on Twitter to find where the real opportunities lie

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Infographic of the Week: How to run a competwition

Thank yoto SEO Positive Ltd (@SEOpositiveltd)  for sending us this great infographic on running Twitter competitions. Find them at www.seo-positive.co.uk   

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Social media analysis for TV Celebrity Juice

Some juicy data

This infographic from SecondSync shows audience interaction over Twitter during Celebrity Juice on Thursday 18th October. It was the top performing show of the evening, seeing almost 77,000 viewer tweets.

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SecondSync infographic, The Crash

Twitter is making audience measurement sexy

In the UK 27,000 hours of domestic TV content are produced annually at a cost of £2.6 billion (Ofcom). Spot advertising and programme sponsorship on UK commercial TV channels generated revenues of £4.36bn in 2011 (ThinkBox). Both the commissioning and scheduling of this content and the pricing of the spot ads and programme sponsorship hinges on one thing: the way the TV audience is measured. Success is measured on how many people are watching.

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Infographic of the Week: Facebook and Twitter ROI

Infographic: Facebook and Twitter ROI.

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Twitter Advert Products Going Global

An explanation of Twitter’s new advertising opportunities.

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