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You only analyse social media twice

Guest editor 001 signing off

At the end of social media analytics month at the B2B Guide to Social Media, we bid farewell to Adam Kettere, October’s guest editor.

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Social media analysis for TV Celebrity Juice

Some juicy data

This infographic from SecondSync shows audience interaction over Twitter during Celebrity Juice on Thursday 18th October. It was the top performing show of the evening, seeing almost 77,000 viewer tweets.

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SecondSync infographic, The Crash

Twitter is making audience measurement sexy

In the UK 27,000 hours of domestic TV content are produced annually at a cost of £2.6 billion (Ofcom). Spot advertising and programme sponsorship on UK commercial TV channels generated revenues of £4.36bn in 2011 (ThinkBox). Both the commissioning and scheduling of this content and the pricing of the spot ads and programme sponsorship hinges on one thing: the way the TV audience is measured. Success is measured on how many people are watching.

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Social media analytics infographic of the week

This week’s infographic of the week displays great self-awareness as it asks, ‘Just how successful are infographics?’ It comes courtesy of Bit Rebels and Now Sourcing.

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