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A possibly unpopular message

The academic community has much to thank the marketing and advertising (both B2B and B2C) industries for. Quick and agile, in the face of a keenly felt opportunity, it was this industry who first understood that there was an unprecedented opportunity to listen and learn about people and society through understanding the explosion of digital social spaces.

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Social Media Analytics Month – Introduction

The topic I’ve chosen to cover in my month as guest editor is social media analytics. What’s that, you ask, counting Tweets and Facebook likes? Well, yes. But there’s a bit more to it than that. If you’re interested in learning more (as I am) then keep an eye on the blog throughout October as we update with posts from lots of lovely, knowledgeable contributors.

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A guide to Twitter Analytics

According to Google’s keyword tool (which I’ll be blogging about tomorrow), over 12,000 people search for Twitter Analytics each month. As it’s such a popular topic, and as the B2B Guide is always here to help (while at the same time always keen to get some of that 12,000-visitor action), I thought I would offer [...]

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