The B2B Guide to Social Media aims to be the definitive resource on how organisations in B2B markets can harness the power of social media. Edited by Heather Baker, founder of B2B PR and social media agency TopLine Communications, and other guest editors from within the B2B marketing industry, the guide includes contributions from colleagues and industry experts.

In the spirit of social media generally, the purpose of the guide is to share information in a format that is easy for the reader to grasp.

We promise:

  • To answer the who, the what, the why and the how of B2B social media and to update those answers as the sector evolves.
  • To keep content accessible and easy to understand by providing examples.
  • To read all your comments and consider all your suggestions.
  • To illustrate with examples and good B2B social media case studies.
  • To be specific and provide practical advice that you can use immediately, rather than strategic overviews or social media policy advice (that is only useful to the people who write it).
  • To admit where we don’t know something, then to learn it by doing it, and then to report back on the blog.
  • To refresh content as soon as new information is available to us.
  • Not to spam subscribers (a max of one email will be sent out per day).
  • To credit our sources with backlinks where appropriate.

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