10 tips to increase your blog post shares

Blog post sharesSo perhaps you’re a new blogger or taking your first steps in content marketing, you’ve found your niche and built your site: now you have to write the bloody thing, and regularly too. You’re committed now. This isn’t those French conversation classes you signed up for, or the Bikram yoga course your housemate convinced you was a good idea (it wasn’t).

No, blogs are like newborn babies. They require loving attention and a lot of work. Most importantly, they’re hungry little beasts. Neglect to feed them good stuff regularly and you’ll fail in your role as creator and caretaker. Treat them well, however, and they’ll grow big and strong, developing lives of their own as you look on, proud of your dear, dear offspring.

Whether you run a personal or professional blog, its survival will depend on regular, topical, engaging, entertaining and informative content – you know the score. But how should you clothe your bouncing bloggy baby as you introduce it to the world? And how can you make sure it’s liked by all the other blogs and readers, and gets those all-important visitors and shares? Here are some of the best formats you can use to create excellent, highly shareable content.

1. Lists

This seems like a sensible place to start, seeing as it’s the format I’ve chosen for this post. Everyone loves a list. It’s a concise way of, well, listing lots of relevant information together. Simples, and shareable.

2. How-to posts

Do you know how to do something that lots of people struggle with? Then share your tips in a blog. If they’re good, others will share it too.

3. Interviews

Have a chat with an expert in your chosen field or anyone really – the more interesting, the better, and the more influential the interviewee, the better your chances of being shared.

4. Videos

There are plenty of statistics around showing that video has great potential to aid in online marketing – and video blogging is no different.  There are many video production companies in London that can help you get started.

5. Event roundups

If you’ve been to the coolest party in town, or attended a trade show that will interest your readers, blog it! You can live blog it throughout or do a summary post after. Going a step further you could even commission a professional event video production to show them what they were missing out on. Whatever steps you choose to take, your blog is a window for the ticketless masses to peer though.

6. Infographics

Infographics combine information and design in a highly shareable unit.

7. Reviews

You can review anything from fine wines and films to speedboats and software. Just remember who you’re writing for, tailor your subject to them and review away. Compare a list of subjects for extra share power.

8. Guest posts

This is a great way to inject some fresh blood into your blog. Invite an outsider to contribute a post on their specialist subject and, with any luck, their existing audience will join the ranks of yours. Double the effect by inviting two guests to debate a topic – everyone loves a bit of conflict, right?

9. Definition posts

If you work in a technical field, you can make a glossary of some of the less well-known terms. Or you can write a list that corrects some misunderstood or misused words and phrases, like this one.

10. Follow-up posts

Hopefully your blog posts will generate feedback and comments. Perhaps extra information is suggested for inclusion, or a mistake has been spotted, or new developments have arisen since it was written. If so, then why not publish a follow-up post?


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