Want to know how to talk to SMEs on social media?

I am happy to introduce the B2B Social Media Guide series on social media marketing to SMEs for the month of February in conjunction with our sister blog the B2B PR Blog.

The SME has been under a magnifying glass of late as economists urge government to introduce new legislation and funding that will stimulate and protect the mighty small to medium enterprise.

When examining the supply chain it’s inevitable that at some point in your business you will have some interaction with a small business, as they account for all but a tiny 0.01 per cent of the private sector as revealed in our sister blog’s breakdown of the SME sector.

Entrepreneurs both young and old have increasingly taken to the world of online commerce and abandoned the traditional bricks and mortar shop fronts. Your supplier could be a slick new start-up on the Silicon Roundabout in London or a one man band in Cardiff, Wales, and knowing how and where they operate online can create unique opportunities to start conversations and engage with your target audiences directly. Social media, when used appropriately, are the weapons in your armoury to get the positive dialogue ball rolling.

If you subscribe to this series we will reveal the where, when and how of social media marketing to SMEs, including the following:

  • How SMEs use Twitter
  • How SMEs use Facebook
  • How SMEs use Linkedin
  • Best practice: A smashing social media case study targeted at SMEs

I hope you enjoy the posts to come and please do share your thoughts and comments on the series.

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