Putting good advice into practice – A LinkedIn company page facelift

dominateToday the B2B Guide to Social Media’s month-long focus on LinkedIn company pages comes to an end.  Hopefully the posts inspired you to try out a few of the suggested techniques to revamp your own company page.

We have heard from our guest bloggers about the many benefits of using a LinkedIn company page to its fullest and the different user groups LinkedIn company pages allow you to target. We also received some specific advice on how to improve a company page once one has already been established.

As promised, we at TopLine Communications have put into practice the best advice dished out by this month’s contributing guest bloggers and I am pleased to say that our TopLine company page has now received the facelift it was due.

Let’s review some of the highlights from this month’s guest posts and see how TopLine put the advice into action:

LinkedIn apps

Following Sara Carter’s review of a number of different LinkedIn apps, TopLine decided to experiment with the polls app.  The polls app allows you to ask a question and propose five different answer options. We chose to ask a question that would help us gain insight into the way our potential clients view the benefits of different lead generation activities.

By posting the link to the poll as an update on our company page and sharing it on other forms of social media the poll, which ran for a month, received 98 votes and fostered a debate on the topic in the comments section.  One aspect of the polls app that we found particularly useful is that it allows the administrator to view how respondents are voting by age group, gender and seniority.

LinkedIn updates

Throughout the past month we have aimed to turn our updates feed into a resource for thought leadership on the topic of B2B social media, PR and video production.  We posted daily updates linking to relevant blog posts that would be of interest to our followers.  In addition, when posting updates we often asked a question to try and encourage debate in the comments section. As a result of our frequent posting on the company page, LinkedIn has become a major source of referral traffic for our different company blogs.

Participation in LinkedIn groups

Emma Campbell and Carys Samuel provided a checklist in their guest blog post to ensure that the posts you are placing in discussion groups will drive traffic to your company website or blog.  Whenever we posted updates on our company page we also shared the link in relevant groups.  While it is beneficial to regularly contribute to certain groups, it is also helpful to post in new groups to introduce your company to additional audiences.

Future LinkedIn development

Sophie Mackintosh reviewed three very creative and successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns through the use of the LinkedIn Application Planning Interface.  These campaigns have inspired us to consider creating our own creative marketing application next time we launch a new service.  While the campaigns Sophie covered were B2C, we are motivated to find a way to do something similar for B2B.

While we have certainly made many improvements to our company page over the last month, it doesn’t stop here. There is always room to experiment with new apps, increase followers to the company page, create more engagement and encourage clients to provide recommendations for listed services.  The advice shared on the blog this month has helped us get the start we need to continue running a successful LinkedIn company page, and hopefully you will be motivated to do the same.

By Rene Musech @RMusech


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  1. February 4, 2013 at 09:34 #

    The Linkedin polls app works very well in my opinion. I have used it to get some great marketing research and has been invaluable to my work.

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