Infographic: Influencers vs. Brand Advocates

Who are the real influencers in the social space? According to this infographic from Convince & Convert, the days of celeb endorsement are firmly over – it’s brand advocates that every company should be after. Which is bad news for any celebrity angling for a freebie, but great news for customers



One Response to “Infographic: Influencers vs. Brand Advocates”

  1. James Cooper
    December 14, 2012 at 13:43 #

    This article makes some good points, but the idea that using PR using influencers is ‘post-modern’ is something of a general assumption. In fact reporters are influencers PR has been targeting for the last hundred years or more. However, on the subject of creating band advocates ‘inside the firewall’ is spot on. By generating key spokespeople and brand advocates within the company, businesses will have more longevity and success in PR and Marketing.

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