B2B Blog of the Week: The Daily SEO Blog

By Niamh Kinsella (@minteressant), the latest contributor to The B2B Guide to Social Media and SAE newbie at what seems so far to be The Best Education and B2B PR Consultancy… Ever.

As we at the aforementioned PR consultancy are undergoing extensive SEO training, I thought I would stick to that theme and see what the experts have been blogging about to help businesses draw greater traffic to their websites from search engine results.

In my search I stumbled upon The Daily SEO Blog  by SEOmoz, a SEO and social media management company from across the pond in Seattle in the US of A

SEOMoz's Daily SEO Blog

As implied by the title it is updated daily by the SEOmoz team and guest contributors with posts that cover a variety of SEO topics and advice for businesses and SEO professionals.

For someone who only knows a teeny tiny bit about SEO and how to use it, the posts are well-written, to the point, and full of infographics and pictures. The meatier developer tech-speak surrounding SEO is broken down into manageable bites and explained, such as a post dedicated to a Web Developer’s SEO and Open Graph Cheatsheet which is extremely useful for developers that may not use SEO on a daily basis, and What Not To Do for Bloggers looking to improve their SEO.

My favourite post so far is The Brand of SEO and the Trend of Inbound Marketing, not just because I find the shift towards inbound marketing interesting, but because the contributor quoted relevant Twitter posts in a way I will most likely be shamelessly copying in future.

Pictured Twitter quotes are a nice break in text

I’d definitely recommend checking the blog out if you have any interest in SEO, as the posts cater for both professionals in the SEO industry and tips, tricks, and advice for businesses.

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