200 Useful Twitter Tools


It seems as though everyone is making a Twitter app or tool to enable the twitterati to get the most out of their favourite microblogging site. But how do you make sense of them all? Well here at the B2B Guide, we have compiled the web’s only comprehensive guide to Twitter tools, including 200 tools. You’re welcome!

Guest post by Clare Third @clarethird3


Argyle Social Advanced Social Media Marketing tool – calculates how many clicks a link you post gets, and which networks visitors to your website have come from.
Autopostr Automatically lets your Twitter followers know that you posted a new photo in Flickr, just by adding a hashtag to your photo title.
BeTwittered A full Twitter client with tabbed message views. Add it to your Google homepage for full and easy Twitter usage.
Big Tweet Allows you to post up to 280 characters to Twitter from any web page.
BirdHerd Makes it easy for groups, teams and brands to update one Twitter account.
Bkkeeper Track your reading and bookmarking on the go.
Buffer An application which allows users to write multiple tweets and have them automatically sent at timed intervals throughout the day.
BuyLater A useful way to track out of stock items and receive notifications when the item comes back in stock on Amazon.
CE Twit A windows mobile Twitter client
Co Tweet A solid and free web-based Twitter client aimed at business users due to its useful CRM features.
Commun.it A tool which helps users cultive their online community. Features include seeing all engagements with a user in one thread, a feed from top influencers you have engaged with, and more.
Commuter Feed Share tweets on traffic and transit delays.
CoTweet A social media dashboard which helps users manage their team efforts.
Crowd Status Create a cloud on this site and your cloud is a little like a Twitter group – each person in a cloud has a status and these statuses are trackable.
DoesFollow Type in two Twitter IDs, and find out if they are following one another.
Drupal on Twitter Provides twitter notifications for new posts, and allows users to post straight from their Twitter accounts.
Dvlr.it Easily distribute your blog to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.
Easy Tweets A great tool to organize many twitter accounts at the same time.
Echofon an iPhone twitter app with push notifications and computer syncing capabilities.
Flaptor Twitter Search Another way to search Twitter for the things you are most interested in.
Foamee Twitter tracks who you owe drinks to.
FollowCost An engine which calculates ‘how annoying it would be to follow [enter username] on Twitter. Make the right decisions about who to follow.
Food Feed Find out what other people are eating, and keep your own food feed – let the world know what you are eating.
Friend or Follow Users can find out who out of the people they are following on Twitter are following them back.
Fring Post to Twitter and other social networking sites using your phone.
Gas Calc Tracks your gas usage on Twitter
geoTwitterous Enter a person’s twitter ID and track them across the map.
GPS Twit A mobile client which allows your friends and contacts to track your location around the world
GroupTweet An easy way to create a Group Twitter Account, allows users to tweet from the same account – from 2 to 100,000+ users per account.
Hahlo Twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch.
Hashtracking Enables the user to get the full statstics on any Twitter hashtag.
Hellotxt Helps you to send your tweets and also post on other social networking sites via mobile technology.
Hootbar Allows you to post messages to Twitter and other social networking sites via the Firefox toolbar.
Hootsuite A comprehensive social media dashboard to manage all of your social media networks at once.
iTweet 2 An interface for Twitter, with built-in autorefresh, search, Twitter trends and hashtags.
iTwitter An iGoogle gadget for Twitter
Just Tweet It Use this app’s directory listings to find other Twitter users with the same interests as you.
Klout This tool is one of the most widely used tools to determine a user’s impact on Twitter.
Lazy Tweet If you want answers to your questions, add the hash tag  #lazytweet and have your questions answered.
Locify Access Twitter via your mobile phone using Locify.
LouderTweets Write your own reviews about products and services and have them tweeted via LouderVoice.
LoudTwitter Ships all your tweets to your blog
Mad Twitter A downloadable Windows application which lets you read and reply to Twitter posts.
Magpie Get paid to advertise via tweets.
ManageFlitter This app makes cleaning up Twitter following easy by showing the user who is not following them back and who is no longer on Twitter, and then allowing the user to unfollow these people with just a few clicks.
MarketMeSuite Create reply campaigns, compare Klout scores of those you interact with and pull in RSS feeds.
Mibazaar Refresh the map every so often to see recent posts pop up in their locations.
Microblog Buzz Follow the most shared links on Twitter in the last 60 minutes, 8 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours.
Moby Picture Post pictures to Twitter via your mobile phone.
Monitter A search engine with a difference – allows you to actively monitor certain keywords, and also to narrow the search down to a specific geographic location, so that you can track what is happening in that area of the world.
MoTwit A tool for Twitter on Palm OS
My Chords Track your chores with this useful tool.
My Tweet Map A high tech map which tracks the location of your Twitter friends.
Nearby Tweets Nearby tweets enables you to find people who are tweeting nearby to you, and connect with them.
Nest.Unclutterer Automatically blocks Twitter users who are following more than a certain number of people or who have been inactive for a certain number of days. It is possible to specify thresholds and white list certain people so they are exempt from the clean up.
Nurph A friendly robot who chats to you over Twitter. The Nurph will answer your questions, send you reminders, find you restaurants and so on.
Nurph #Channels Real time Twitter chatrooms
OpenBeak A mobile client for posting updates to Twitter from Blackberry Smartphones.
Paper.li Start an online newspaper by picking sources – people or hashtags – and let paper.li do the rest.
Parrotfish A productivity tool which displays all links from tweets you receive with a text previous – allows you to read up on the link before clicking through. A real time saver.
Ping.fm A free service which makes updating Tweets from anywhere simple.
Postica Create a sticky note for your Tweets.
Proxlet Mute ‘Twitter noise’ by blocking annoying apps, muting users and filtering tags.
Pwytter A free multi platform Twitter client written in Python.
Qik Allows you to share videos via Twitter on your phone.
Qwerly A ‘whois’ for Twitter. Generates a profile which links to that person’s other social media profiles.
Qwitter Qwitter sends you an email when somebody stops following you on Twitter.
Refollow Discover, manage and protect your twitter social circle.
Remember the Milk Helps keep track of your tasks. By adding ‘Remember the Milk’ as your friend it will help you keep track of your tasks via direct messages, and give you reminders too.
RollThe Dice A twitterbot which allows you to generate random events, for example roll dice, flip a coin, deal cards etc.
Secrettweet Tweet your secrets anonymously on Twitter.
Seesmic A web based client and adobe based app for mobiles. Supports Twitter but also other social networking sites as well.
Serendipitwitterous Search for tweets by a certain person.
Server Mojo Monitor your server with Twitter.
Shareaholic To share webpages with friends on Twitter – can be integrate with Firefox browser.
Siah Designs free Twitter buttons for your profile.
Smartr This app allows the user to view tweets in a more managable way, and also filters spam to make the user’s Twitter experience more productive.
Snaptweet Easily share Flickr pictures on Twitter.
Snitter Snooks Twitter’, an Adobe AIR powered application which is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.
Social WhoIs Helps users decide who to follow, helps you find people who share your interests, start or participate in discussions about your interests.
SocialToo Helps you manage Twitter, Facebook and Myspace – unclutters stream and social graph so you can focus on what’s most important.
Spaz  An open source desktop client for Mac, Linux and Windows.
Stammy’s RSS to Twitter A simple PHP script which helps users automatically send their blog posts to Twitter.
TFF Ratio Calculates your ‘TFF ratio’ or ‘Twitter friend-follower ratio’, which is the ratio of your followers to friends (or people that you follow). The higher the ratio, the better.
The Archivist This tool generates ‘visulisations’ which represent trends such as the number of tweets over time, top users and words etc.
Tikitwit Integrate Twitter with iChat.
Timely Add your tweets to Timely, and they publish them when the tweets will have the highest impact. Gain more retweets, mentions and followers.
TinyTwitter A tool which works from any Java enabled phone, and allows users to send tweets from their phones – but not receive constant Twitter notifications in return.
Topsy Search the most popular current stories shared on Twitter.
Toptweet Users can find the top twitter users in one particular place.
TrackThis Track your packages and parcels via Twitter.
Trendistic See trends on Twitter.
Trunk.ly Automatically collects tweets when and where you share them, and stores them in one place so you can easily find them again.
Twalala Users are able to choose the tweets they want to read, and mute or block the ones that are less interesting or annoying.
Twapper A mash of 30 boxes and Twitter – send updates from your 30 boxes calendar to your phone via Twitter.
Twee60 Xbox live automatic updates to your Twitter account.
Tweepi A twitter account manager, helping users make sense of their Twitter accounts.
Tweepler (Under construction) A follower management application, allowing the user to review whether to follow somebody back or to drop them into an ‘ignore’ pile.
Tweet Backs Free Twitter backgrounds.
Tweet Grader Find out your Twitter grade – a ‘twitter grade’ measures how influential you are on Twitter.
Tweet Level Measures users by influence, trust, engagement or popularity so that you can ensure the people you are following are the right people to make an impact in your niche.
Tweet Line Display your friend’s timeline of Twitter on your browser toolbar.
Tweet Scan Search keywords on Twitter
Tweet What You Eat An online food diary via Twitter – track what you eat and your weight through your mobile phone or the web.
Tweet What You Spend A free Twitter tool which makes cash tracking easy through creating a Cash Journal and setting daily spending limits and mobile alerts when you are nearing that limit.
TweetAdder Find likeminded Twitter users and follow them, and automate Twitter posts.
Tweetake Back up your Twitter account.
tweetbeep Free Twitter alerts by email, sending you hourly updates of conversations that mention you, your account, your business or products… anything really.
Tweetboard A micro-forum application for your website. Pulls Twitter stream into near real time and reformats tweets into threaded conversations.
TweetBurner Track your own links on Twitter.
Tweetchat highly facilitates participation in Tweetchat by providing a dashboard to allow pre-fixing of hashtags, which means that the user does not need to enter a new hashtag before each tweet.
Tweetdeck Adobe AIR application which lets you view replies, public tweets and group tweets at the same time.
Tweeter A java desktop client for Twitter
tweetmeme Find the most recent and most popular tweets from the last 24 hours and in the last 7 days.
Tweetr iPhone app for sending and scheduling tweets. Also features advanced map, web, scheduling, syncing, video and photo functionality.
TweetSpectrum Enter two words separated by a comma and allow this great java powered animation compile related tweets into a fun spectrum.
Tweetstats Creates a graph based on your tweets, detailing your number of tweets per hour and per month.
TweetVolume (Under maintenance) Enter a keyword/phrase and see how often it appears on Twitter.
TweetWally Create a ‘Tweetwall’ by entering a hashtag, username or keyword – this app makes beautiful collections of any tweets the search engine finds. Helpful if following an important event.
Twellow Browse through tweet categories or find a specific user on Twitter.
Tweriod Analyses both your tweets and your followers tweets, and gives you the best times to tweet according to those statistics.
Twerp Scan Weed out spammers with this simple service.
Twessenger Twitter tool for Windows Live Messenger.
Twhileshare Share files on Twitter.
Twhirl A social software desktop client , based on the Adobe AIR platform.
twi8r Translate from English to SMS shorthand and vice versa.
Twibs an online database of businesses, enabling users to follow and interact with businesses, apps and services on Twitter.
Twidget Free dashboard Twitter widget for Mac OS X.
Twidroyd A Twitter client for android mobile phones.
Twignature A Twitter button generator.
Twilert A free web app which enables you to receive email updates about tweets containing any keyword you like.
Twimbow Allows the user to add colour to tweets and colourcode them appropriately according to replies, re-tweets or simply hashtags. A great way to stay on top of your Twitter feed.
Twinja Another Twitter client built on Adobe AIR.
Twippera An Opera widget for Twitter – post messages to Twitter and display your friends timelines.
Twistori Find out what Twitter ‘loves, hates, thinks, believes, feels and wishes’ with these 6 easy links. A simple and brilliant way to get an overview of related tweets and see what themes are trending through Twitter.
Twit This Add this option so that people can easily share your content on Twitter.
Twit100 Find out the last 100 posts of your Twitter followers.
Twitaholic Tracks the most popular users in the Twitterverse. Twitaholic’s robots scan Twitter a few times a day to keep their information up to date.
Twitbin Receive and send tweets at the side of your internet browser
Twitblock Users can find out how many of their followers are junk, and block them.
TwitboxSL A Twitter client for Second Life
Twitgit A free widget for Twitter
Twitku  A merge between twitter and Jaiku.
Twitpay a simple way to send payments via Twitter.
TwitPic Allows you to post pictures to Twitter from your phone, the TwitPic homepage or your Twitter account.
Twitpoll Create your own poll, participate in polls and measure the opinions of your followers.
Twitrank A useful list of the top 150 Twitterers.
Twitscoop A gateway to Twitter which makes tweeting simple and efficient. Users are able to send and receive tweets as well as finding new friends without ever having to reload a page.
Twitspam Dedicated to block social networking spammers.
Twitsprout Calls itself the ‘One page Twitter analytics dashboard’, and provides all the important metrics of your Twitter account such as follower growth, number of retweets and mentions over time on one, easy to understand summary page.
Twittad Place advertisements on your Twitter profile.
Twittearth Log in to your Twitter account and view live tweets all over the world popping up on an animated globe.
Twittelator A mobile app which allows users to post from phones on the go.
Twitter Atlas Use the handy toolbox to track tweets across the map and to their locations.
Twitter Counter Display your follower count on your website or blog.
Twitter Digest Allows you to read tweets in a more manageable fashion.
Twitter Facebook App Use this app to integrate Facebook with Twitter for easier usage of the two together.
Twitter for WordPress Displays your latest tweets in your WordPress blog
Twitter Friends  Network Brower This site enables users to Browse through their Twitter friends, their friend’s friends, etc…
Twitter Grader (Under maintenance) Measures the power of your Twitter profile.
Twitter Groups Allows you to tag your followers into different manageable groups.
Twitter PollDaddy Create a poll on PollDaddy and easily share it via Twitter.
Twitter Ratio Find out your friend to follower ratio.
Twitter Spellcheck Bot Check your spelling on your Twitter posts.
Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget A wordpress widget to allow users to send tweets to their blogs.
Twittercal A service which connects your Google Calendar with your Twitter account, making it simple to add events from your Twitter account.
Twitterfall A Twitter client which specialises in real-time Tweet searches – new Tweets fall into the page.
Twitterfeed Posts RSS feeds to Twitter automatically.
Twitterfone Allows users to send tweets to Twitter using their voices.
Twitterholic.com Find the most popular Twitter users on this website.
Twitterific A dowloadable application which has auto-refreshing capabilities, auto notification of tweets and integration with Apple Script.
Twitterkeys Allows you to brighten you tweets with little pictures
TwitterLocal Enter your city or state into the searchbar and find relevant tweets in your area.
Twittermail Users can post to their Twitter account by sending a message to their own free and unique email address.
Twitterment A search engine for Twitter – search keywords and find relevant posts.
TwitterSearch A search engine which allows users to discover whats happening in the Twitter world beyond their personal timeline.
TwitterSnooze (Under Maintenance) If you have noisy Twitter friends, snooze them for a certain period so you won’t receive their tweets.
TwitterSplit Get more traffic to your domain by adding it at the beginning of any link you post.
twitterSpy Another way of tracking the location of tweets.
Twittervision On this flat map watch as live tweets spring up in different locations. Filter the tweets with tags ‘tweets’ and ‘photos’. Fascinating!
Twittonary An online ‘Twitter dictionary’ which provides explanation for various Twitter-related words.
Twitturls Find out the latest URLs posted on Twitter, today and in the last 2 hours.
Twitturly (Temporarily closed for redesign) A service for tracking which URLs people are tweeting about, as they tweet them, on Twitter
Twitux A simple Twitter client
Twitwall A blog companion for Twitter – enables users to embed media, such as photos and music. Useful when simething is ‘too long to tweet’.
Twitxr Allows users to share pictures and statuses via mobile technology.
Twitzu A promotional tool for small businesses which allows promotion of a business, special offers, promotions or events via Twitter.
twtbizcard Send business cards through Twitter.
twtQpon Enhances social media marketing by allowing businesses to offer discount coupons to those on Twitter.
Twuffer (a merge of ‘Twitter Buffer’) allows the Twitter user to compile a list of future tweets and schedule  their release.
Twylah Automatically turns your tweets into beautiful ‘brand pages’.
Ubuntu Deskbar Twitter Update your Twitter account via the Ubuntu Deskbar.
Untweeps Used to unfollow ‘Tweeps’ who have not posted recently.
Vlingo A tool to integrate your blackberry with Twitter.
We Follow Search for tags in the search engine bar and find interesting people to follow.
WhosTalkin A tool which allows Twitter users to search for topics or conversations they are interested in.
WhoTweetedMe Insert any URL into this app and it will tell you who has retweeted the post and at what time. It will also tell you the potential reach and follower count per person retweeting the post. A good way to understand your post’s potential audience.
WordTwit A plugin which automatically pushes tweets to Twitter via your wordpress account.
Yoono Social networking add-on for Firefox, all social networking and instant messaging in one app.

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