Giant LifeSize Burgers

Guest post by Katie Jamieson @katiejamo

Which business blog this week is going to arouse your creative juices, inspire your corporate mind to soar above the ordinary? Well, allow me enlighten you.

If you’re in the business of giant foodstuffs allow me to give a sly nod in the direction of Pimp That Snack, the blog that allows contributors to give the middle finger to conventional style magazines everywhere by showcasing the glamour of gluttony.

Ok, I jest! Giant burgers aren’t going to help your business, or your cholesterol, in any way. But they are fun. And, quite simply, if you want people to designate a slot in their busy schedules to browse your blog it needs to be fun (or really useful – like the B2B Guide!).

A legitimate business blog I tend to frequent is LifeSize. LifeSize provides businesses with videoconferencing solutions. A few months ago they changed the direction of their blog from being tech-heavy to having some lighter and more colourful articles.

I felt like one of the team stalking over their photos taken at the Halloween office party (Americans really go all out celebrating the dead and fictional). They’ve even created a perky American character called Mobile Matt (pronounced ‘mo-bul matt’). When I saw first saw MM, I Iet out a groan – certainly not sexually motivated, but a sardonic groan of “who is this annoying character?” but if you watch for more than 5 seconds YOU WILL LOVE MOBILE MATT. He is the Gok Wan of the VoIP world, striving to answer THE BIG QUESTIONS that keep even the most zen-like of us tossing and turning, like “what will I wear for tomorrow’s video conference”. He also refers to end users of video conferencing solutions as “Road Warriors” which is sweet, though a bit ironic and far-fetched.

Many smaller businesses, particularly without IT departments, aren’t interested in learning about technologies, they just want a reliable solution with a brand that appeals to them, and that is where other technology business blogs alienate potential customers.

LifeSize doesn’t shirk an explanation of the techy stuff but it makes it more digestible for companies who only have time to concentrate on their own trade. They’ve created an identity and are standing out in their industry for showing personality, albeit a somewhat cheesy one. But as Pimp That Snack demonstrates, a bit of cheese can go a long way.

They are steering clear of the mundane, and are embracing the FUNdane, pumpkins, road warriors and all.


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