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Right! I’m rubbing my hands together in a ‘where shall we start’ sort of way, trying to narrow down the long list of HR thought leaders into a top 10.

Here are just some of the people and companies you should follow on Twitter. They are right in the thick of all things HR – either as HRD’s, reporting on industry news or advising.   Besides ‘getting’ HR, they are also united by outstanding knowledge, perspective and good humour….

1.  @FlipChartRick. We can’t print how Rick describes his Flipchart Fairytales blogs, but suffice it to say he writes about serious business, work and employment issues under a pseudonym. On the strength of his tight research and opinions, he now writes for publications too.

2.  @DougShaw1. Great bloke, great opinions, always thinking of things just a little bit differently than the norm.  As he aptly says, he’s ‘fascinated by the ease with which organisations do dumb things to customers and people’.

3.  @AlisonChisnell.  A HRD in a large company, she’s a personal favourite for her observations on the workplace and people generally. Her blog is called The HR Juggler.

4.  @RogerPhilby and the other genius people @ChemistryGroup help companies create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work.  Their ‘It’s Talent Stupid’ blog is an irreverent view of the world of work.

5.  @MJCarty is one of the brains behind XpertHR. Michael seems to be the guardian of #HRblogs hashtag, warmly inviting and involving newcomers.

6.  @NeilMorrison.  An HRD with a large and loyal following, blogging about work and employment.  This man is not short of an opinion or ten.

7.  @Garelaos is part techy, part HR, part marketer and another all-round good bloke. Gareth and @joningham run the wonderful #ConnectingHR events.

8.  @MattAlder is a guru in helping companies understand and plan for the future of the world of work and recruitment.

9.  @LoricaEB has a blog full of information about everything ‘employee benefits’ making sure clients (or anyone else for that matter) can keep up with changes to pensions, group risk, health insurance and other employee benefits.

10. And for the latest daily news, these are essential: @peoplemgt @personneltoday @hrzone @louisapeacock @employeebenefit.

But the thing is, there are many, many more bloggers (@naturalgrump, @kategl @robjones_tring @theatreacle @garyfranklin…), and it’s a wide and welcoming community. Just jump on the #ConnectingHR or #HRblogs hashtags – it’s the fast track to know what’s going on.

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    Appreciate the mention, very kind of you folks :)

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