B2B Blog of the Week: TwitterTools.com

In my failed search for a good alternative to BackTweets, I stumbled upon Garin Kilpatrick’s blog, on his website www.TwitterTools.com which I feel compelled to add to my list of favourite B2B blogs and award the second ever B2B Blog of the Week title. It might not be strictly B2B but the blog is excellent and incredibly useful to a B2B audience.

About the Blog

The blog appears to consist of nibs out of Gavin’s book on Twitter and Twitter Tools.

Why we like it

This guy knows his Twitter, and delivers his content in an intelligent and accessible way. Each post is original, informative, comprehensive, visually engaging, and spellchecked. My favourites are:

10 awesome Twitter visualisation and analytics tools (useful if you found my BackTweets post disappointing)

35 ways to get more ReTweets

The science of timing Tweets and shares

The blog author can be followed on Twitter: @Garin


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