Understanding Myspace

MySpace is a social network, with more than 100 million users worldwide. Anyone can create a free profile on MySpace – by signing up at myspace.com. It enables users to add unlimited friends and stay connected via blogging and instant messaging features, send messages, share photos and videos, listen to music, post events – MySpace was the original online place to ‘hang out’ with friends.

When it was first launched, people used Myspace to connect with friends, and  musicians, comedians and filmmakers were the first to harness the network’s  marketing potential by using the site to reach out to fans. MySpace supported this by providing dedicated profile templates, which encouraged big-business and brands to be the next to follow the MySpace generation.

But MySpace soon started to lose ground to Facebook – many of MySpace’s original members have jumped ship to Facebook for their social networking.

The B2B uses of Myspace.

The B2B value of Myspace depends on your business (you might also want to check what we suggested for Facebook). As a result of stiff competition from social networking rivals, MySpace has shifted its strategy, focusing on social entertainment (sharing music, movie, and TV-related content) for people aged 13 to 35. So if you are in the creative or entertainment industries, you definitely want to be on MySpace. However, we live in an increasingly entertainment-driven culture, so anything can be repackaged as Entertainment. Just make sure you know who you want to target, and are adapting your product/service/message to the MySpace audience. 

To create a MySpace page for your business products/services using some of these handy MySpace tools:

  • Create a skin (or background) for your profile page – a skin is the overlay pictures, graphics and images that people see when they look at your profile.
  • Create a Slide presentation.
  • DivShare allows you to publish and control video, audio, podcasts, images and documents.
  • There are hundreds of widgets you can choose from to customise your page for different purposes. However, don’t get over-excited and overwhelm users with too many gimmicky widgets. Only use what will complement your message.
  • And always provide a link back to your website!

What are the drawbacks?

  • For some reason, there are far fewer company profiles on MySpace than Facebook. It provides so much more scope for customisation than Facebook does with its uniform white and blue template. If your content is relevant and delivered in the right way, MySpace can be an excellent promotional tool.
  • Read the small print – Even if you sign up with MySpace in the UK, your personal data will still be subject to U.S. laws where the level of data protections is different compared to the U.K. If you have reservations regarding the use of your personal data, always read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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