It’s Delicious: How to use the social bookmarking site.

I’ve already blogged about why you should be social bookmarking – tagging and sharing websites that you like.  And now I’ll talk you through using, a social bookmark manager that acts as a place for you to collect links you like, that you can access from any computer, share with people you think might be interested and get links from likeminded people as well.

  1. Sign up – it’s pretty self explanatory, and choose a link for your delicious account. I chose
  2. Install the delicious buttons on your browser so you can immediately bookmark a site you love.
  3. Go and tag the sites you like. I’ll start by tagging our website – and this blog. To do this, simply visit the site, and click ‘save to delicious’ button on in the browser tabs at the top of a screen. You will then be presented with a page with a whole lot of info to fill in about the site, including Title (I put Great B2B PR agency to contextualise our site), Message (I’ve left blank), tags -  As no one else has tagged it, I had to be the first to come up with relevant tags – which I did, keeping in mind the type of people I would like to have visiting the site.  When I visited the PRWeek website, though I was able to select from a list of tags that other people had used, notes (I left blank) and for (which I guess means who do you want to share this with).
  4. Find people to share with – I’m a bit stumped on this one as I have NO IDEA who uses amongst my friends and colleagues. I’ll ask a question on LinkedIn, but if you can help that would be good. You can find me on TopLineFounder.

I really like what how stuff works has said about the benefits of Delicious.



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