Spredfast is a single platform on which you can create a social media profile of your organisation and monitor the impact of specific campaigns across multiple channels.


Begin by visiting http://spredfast.com and setting up your organisation’s account (simply fill in the required fields, including company name and individual job title, then activate).

Once you’re signed in to the service you can create a campaign by giving it a name, description, start and end date, and associating it with either or client or your own organisation (an agency for example).

You can then select the objectives of the campaign from a list of options including brand engagement and demand generation as well as creating your own. Setting these parameters at an early stage ensures the platform will work in the best way for you.

The next step involves indicating the ‘voices’ or social networking sources. You can add your blogs (multiple options available), LinkedIn accounts, YouTube channel accounts etc. in order to chart the impact of your campaign across this set of connections.

Then you are given the option of scheduling an event (such as a Twitter campaign) that you can repeat or refresh over a given period of time.

The last step is to establish a series of streams you’ve set up with services like Google Blog Search (to name just one), allowing you to monitor a range of social media discussions.


Spredfast is about measuring levels of engagement, reach and activity – viral marketing, social conversation, analysis can all be applied to one campaign – in short, it provides a comprehensive set of monitors that can be regularly checked, updated and reported on through one streamlined platform.

Create a free account at www.spredfast.com and investigate these (as well as a host of other) features, all designed to make reliable social media monitoring easy.

Worth it?

I found the tool really useful, but it would be more appropriate for a large organisation, with lots of people managing a brand that gets a lot of media attention.


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