LinkedIn Q&A Part 4: Asking questions

I’ve introduced you to the Q&A, suggested why and how you should answer questions, and now I will run you through asking questions:

Why would you do it?

There are loads of reasons to ask questions on LinkedIn. Unlike other forums and networks, you can target your question geographically or professionally (e.g. by industry or sector) which means that you are more likely to get quality and relevant content. In the past I have asked questions to:

  • Find experts in a field (such as the elusive Google Trends specialist).
  • Build a community (e.g. facilities managers with an opinion on boardroom politics).
  • Promote your website or blog (be careful though – don’t make it too obvious)
  • Get help with a professional problem (such as dealing with a tough client)

Before you do it

  • Go back to your social media objectives and make sure you are asking a question for a good reason.
  • Decide how specific you would like to be.


Create your question and post it in the appropriate category (annoyingly, I never seem to find the right category for the subject I am covering, but I still manage to get great answers).


  • Ask stupid rhetorical questions about the meaning of life – save it for Facebook or the pub!
  • Ask questions obviously designed to promote yourself or your company – such as Who needs good PR? Duh….


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