LinkedIn Q&A Part 2: answering questions

This morning I blogged about the LinkedIn Q&A function. Now I will offer a few pearls of wisdom gleaned from my experience as a veteran question answerer.

Why answer questions on LinkedIn?

  • To increase your social engagement by getting yourself into conversations with other social networkers.
  • To drive traffic to your website or your blog (by suggesting it as a resource).
  • To show off your expertise in a subject, by answering eloquently.

How do you find questions to answer?

You should really be doing this proactively – set yourself a goal of answering, say, two questions a week (if that fits in with your social media objectives):

  • Decide what you are an expert on, or what you want to be known as an expert on. For me, that’s usually PR and social media, although entrepreneurship is another one.
  • Use the search question and answer function to find people asking questions about this subject on which you are a guru.
  • Then select a question that you are able to answer.
  • Read the other answers – if someone has already said what you wanted to say, then add to that with a thoughtful and insightful comment.
  • Draft your answer – keeping in mind how it will look to the novice in your subject who is just a lowly question asker.
  • Offer a link to a useful resource.
  • Before you publish it, use the facility to enter a message to the question-asker – you’re more likely to be selected as an expert or best answer if you engage directly with them.




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