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Four Reasons why no SEO should be Ignoring Pinterest

There’s no denying that SEO has changed. Long gone are the days when it was enough to build a tonne of links, sit back and watch your website rise up ...

Tweet your way to better SEO

At FindGood we are big fans of implementing an inbound marketing strategy for your business, and Twitter is an essential part of that. We learnt from the pros at the ...

5 Tactics to Maximise Your Social Media Advertising Efforts

2013 has been proclaimed as the year of digital advertising. With this in mind, it is no wonder that more and more companies are climbing onto the social media advertising ...


The B2B marketing lessons I’m learning 15 years into my marketing career!

“PR degrees always ignore B2B” is a common complaint of marketing departments ...

Three Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence

Social Media: a world of teenagers tweeting z-listers, visual reminders of those ...

Many have tried, but can you really put a cost to social media?

Social media isn’t free; Shock – horror! Now, assuming you’ve established that ...

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5 ways to use tactics to win in the social battle

The concept of winning comes down to one of two things; being smart, or being lucky. Call me pessimistic, but I just don’t believe that people ‘get lucky’. Despite what Daft Punk might think. If I ever win the euro millions, I may have a different opinion. But until that day, I’ll go with the [...]

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How to use social data to formulate future decisions

“If I wanted to deal with numbers, I’d have become an accountant”. Now while I’m sure this has crossed the mind of many marketers’, it is probably safe to say that this theory won’t quite cut it when it comes to justifying your social media strategy. So for the sake of your job, reputation and [...]

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Three lessons in becoming the king of content

When it comes to content on social media, there are a lot of marketers that just get it. And from getting it, they have managed to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. But, while many marketers have got to grips with creating content, there are a whole lot more that, well…just haven’t. As [...]

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Content is King, but Social Media is Queen

Working in the communications industry, you will have no doubt heard the saying ‘content is king’ a thousand times. But there comes a point when you start to question what key phrases such as this really mean when it comes to strategy. While there is no denying that producing informative, valuable and enjoyable content is vital in establishing yourself or your business as an authoritative industry voice, it’s useless if what you’re creating can’t be found by your intended audience. Creating incredible content is just the first step. Getting it in front of the right people is where the real challenge begins.

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Say ‘Hello’ to SEOcial media

As the world of business continues to become more and more digitally focussed, it’s becoming even more important that companies are considering how their audience are finding them online. According to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003” [...]

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Fancy editing this blog for 2 weeks?

The B2B Guide to Social Media is on the lookout for great guest editors! Read this post to find out more.

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Dr Oetker stunt: a pizza good strategy, or a deep-pan disaster?

Account executive @sophmackintosh takes a look at the new Dr Oetker PR stunt.

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What Jesus can teach us about Social Media: Part one

The first part of TopLine’s interview with Jesus

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5 ways you can beat the trolls

Trolls are no longer just billy goats’ nemeses

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Learn from Barclays: How not to promote a Facebook post

Heather Baker explains how a poorly planned post can damage your brand.   Yesterday after work I logged in to my Facebook account only to be confronted by this monstrosity on my timeline. I don’t object to sponsored stories. In fact, the promoted posts function on Facebook can be an extremely valuable way for a [...]

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